THESE INTIMATE PORTRAITS from the alleys close to the Ganges River were taken in winter when the river mist rose into the alleys, often persisting throughout the day. These alleys are among the oldest continuously inhabited places on the planet. 
   Varanasi is known as THE CITY OF LEARNING AND BURNING referring both to the city’s numerous schools, universities, ashrams, and pundits, as well as the many funeral pyres where faithful Hindus burn their dead by the river. Life and death are often juxtaposed in this chaotic and ancient city.
   While the photographs portray people from all walks of life—and from differing faiths, ages, and social standing—they are mostly of people that others tend to consider outcasts and shy away from: the poor, street-dwellers, beggars, rickshaw pullers, widows discarded by their families, mourners with their shaved heads.

Ganges Lament
City Lion Press, 2018
110 Pages / 8.5" X 11" (21.6 X 27.9 cm)

114 Black & White Photographs
ISBN: 978-0999291863

The creation of this book was made possible 
by the generous support of a Fellowship 
at the Centro Incontri Umani 
Ascona, Switzerland

A Sampling of Photographs from the Book

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