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Sculpture Garden of the Gods


City Lion Press, 2018

Now available in Bilingual English/Greek Edition

The Greek island of Ikaria has gained notoriety lately for being a so-called “Blue Zone,” one of the select places on the planet where people live the longest. This otherwise obscure island was also known to the Ancients as the birthplace of the Greek god of ecstasy and wine, Dionysus, who was born upon the rocky ridge of mountain that runs down the center of the island.
   SCULPTURE GARDEN OF THE GODS, a book of black and white photographs and prose, is the fruit of the author's three winters upon this mountain—often blown by hurricane-force winds and engulfed in thick fog. 
  Shor weaves the poetic force of his eye with that of his pen to take us on a journey to this otherworldly landscape, where lashing winds sculpt solid granite into forms that look like living beings with an uncanny regularity.
  It is a place of mystery and beauty, where the most enduring is dissolved by the most fleeting, where wisps of fog blown by a gale can cause an entire mountain-side to disappear in an instant.

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Sculpture Garden of the Gods
City Lion Press, 2018
172 Pages / 8.5" X 11" (21.6 X 27.9 cm)

190 Black & White Photographs
ISBN: 978-0999291870

A Sampling of Photographs from the Book

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