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Thomas K. Shor

Writings and Photography

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The stories in this collection all depict real people and events except for The Tunnels of the Creator, which is a work of fiction.


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December, 2022

Krishnas Mill
Stories from India


A yogi in his Himalayan retreat who was once a millionaire Bombay cloth manufacturer, forced to return to keep his sons from killing each other over the empire he left behind.

An American Buddhist, a “Defender of the Dharma,” who confesses having defended his life, with death, and knows the feeling of a knife going into human flesh.

A long-haired Indian artist and philosopher who sings ecstatically the poems of the English Romantics, reads Sanskrit and German philosophers in the original, and paints miniature paintings made entirely from tiny dots that are but two-dimensional slices of the world he sees within the ‘Interior of the Dot’.



From the exclusive Breach Candy Club on Bombay’s Arabian Sea, to a zoo in Darjeeling where an ancient Siberian Tiger lays dying…and to a remote Himalayan village where it is said that in some dim antiquity the early inhabitants built their very own Tower of Babel made of clay pots, meant to reach Heaven.

Is there really a temple complex and mountain in South India said to be underlaid by a vast network of tunnels so old their existence is clothed in legend and through which an entire population was said to have disappeared?

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September, 2022

The Baba Downstairs
The Life Story
of a Misfit Indian Saint

Shortly after Vikram moved in downstairs and started telling me his life story, he told me the rule by which he lived his life:

“Live such that no one can make an adjective stick to you. Accept no one’s label. Confuse them. Act one way one moment, and another way the next. Make them wonder. Make them guess. Is he a good man or a bad? Could he really be a saint? Or is he a rogue? What is he? Is he a mystic, or is he just a fool?”

From my side, I felt as if I’d entered a scene I’d sometimes imagined as an opening for an as-yet unwritten piece of fiction...
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in Amazon Tibet Books!

Step Away Front Cover.jpg

A Step Away from Paradise

The True Story of a Tibetan Lama's Journey to a Land of Immortality

Hands of Unknown FRONT COVER 19 02 20 FI

Into the Hands

of the Unknown

An Indian Sojourn

with a Harvard Renunciant

Master Director Website Cover 19 03 06.j

The Master


A Journey through Politics, Doubt and Devotion with a

Himalayan Master

The Monk and FRONT COVER 19 01 31 FINAL.

The Monk & the

Sly Chickpea

Travels on Corfu

Leopard in the City COVER FINAL 18 10 01

Leopard in

the City

An Urban Fable

Sculpture Garden COVER For Web Page 1200

Sculpture Garden

of the Gods

Animated Landscape Photography from the Greek Island of Ikaria in Black and White

Sculpture Garden BILINGUAL COVER FNAL PRINT 21 07 22.jpg
Ganges Lament COVER FINAL 18 06 26 FRONT

Ganges Lament

Black & White Photographic Portraits from the Sacred Indian City of Varanasi, on the Ganges River

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